Self Esteem
Self Esteem SOLD – Chinagraph pencil on board
Pink Wink
Pink Wink SOLD – Acrylic on canvas
Three in Paris
Three in Paris Acrylic on canvas
Passage Of Dreams
Passage Of Dreams Acrylic on canvas
Woman and Man
Woman and Man Acrylic on paper
Luminescant Woman #2
Luminescant Woman #2 Acrylic on canvas
Luminescant Woman #1
Luminescant Woman #1 Acrylic on canvas
Foetal Woman
Foetal Woman Acrylic on canvas
Girl With Cigarette
Girl With Cigarette Oil Pastel – study on paper
Girl With Glasses
Girl With Glasses Oil Pastel – study on paper
Dreamy Girl
Dreamy Girl SOLD – Watercolour and pencil on paper
Dune Nude
Dune Nude Acrylic on canvas
Cheers! SOLD – Acrylic on canvas
Fairy, Flowers, Palm Tree
Fairy, Flowers, Palm Tree Watercolour inks and felt pen
Dog's Bar Waitress
Dog's Bar Waitress SOLD – Oil and beeswax on board
Face Amongst Flowers
Face Amongst Flowers Watercolour ink and felt pen
Bum Acrylic on canvas
Dog's Bar and Daniel
Dog's Bar and Daniel SOLD – Oil on board
Café Watercolour Ink and Chinagraph Pencil
Blue Man
Blue Man Acrylic on canvas
Café  By Water
Café By Water Acrylic on canvas
Blowing a Kiss
Blowing a Kiss Acrylics on paper
Serene Blossoming
Serene Blossoming Acrylic on canvas

Stylised People

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